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Tai Chi: Movement for Better Balance

Tai Chi benefits include:

  • Better Balance to prevent falls
  • Increased strength
  • Fitness
  • Stress resistance
  • Improved health

Tai Chi is an ancient Chineses form of exercise using slow, rhythmic movements combined with natural breathing.

Class includes 8 movements that are fun & easy for beginners.


Where:         Chadron United Methodist Church Narthex
                      9th and Shelton Street

Equipment:   Wear comfortable clothes and soft flexible shoes

Fee:              $12.00 - Scholarships are available

Register by calling UNL Extension at 432-3373 and ask for Jamie or email

The class is limited to 20 paticipants!


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September Is Better Breakfast Month


Image courtesy of USDA SNAP-Ed Photo Gallery

Breakfast. What does that mean to you? At my house, breakfast during the week looks different then breakfast on the weekends. During the week, my family grabs something quick like cereal, oatmeal or toast. On the weekends, we are more likely to make something like pancakes or French toast that take a little more time.

Many studies have shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It refuels our body after a long night of sleep, helps to improve the academic performance of youth at school, and helps adults perform better at work. Breakfast is important for all ages, but especially kids as they head off to school.

For those kids that are not interested in eating breakfast at home, check into the breakfast program at school. School breakfast programs are becoming more and more popular, as parents, teachers, and administrators are learning the many benefits that breakfast has to offer. Visit these FUEL UP to Play 60 Nutrition Education Resources for more information regarding the importance of breakfast related to student academic achievement and health. 

Find more breakfast tips at:

September's feature article provided by Natalie Sehi, MS, RD and Extension Educator

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